Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


5EF40DD4-3458-491B-BC81-692F7597EA24_Web_000Sewer and Water Emergencies
For sewer or water issues, call Public Works at 651-459-2475.  Should you encounter a sewer or water emergency after normal Public Works working hours, please call Washington County Dispatch at (651) 439-9381 so public works staff can be dispatched.

The Utilities department of the Public Works Department is responsible for 19 miles of watermain,  3 water storage tanks, 2 wells, 2 booster stations and 252 fire hydrants.  They also maintain 17 miles of sanitary sewer pipe and 7 sewer lift stations and over 5 miles of storm sewer.

Water Utilities
  • Testing: Newport Public Works samples and tests water according to standards set by the Minnesota Department of Health and Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.  https://www.health.state.mn.us/communities/environment/water/rules/index.html 
  • Reports: Annual report to Minnesota Department of Natural Resources regarding water usage and Consumer Confidence Report to residents to explain water quality standards for Newport.
  • Billing: Quarterly water meter reads for utility billing.
  • Hydrant Flushing:  Spring and fall flushing to remove minerals built up in watermains which can discolor water and also checks fire hydrants for proper operation.
  • Gopher State One Call: Utility locate requests that help protect infrastructure from damage due to excavation/construction activity.
  • Wells: Pump roughly 110 million gallons of water per year, monitor chemical feed systems, daily performance checks.
  • Training: Continuing education for Minnesota Department of Health water supply operator licenses.
  • Respond to resident concerns regarding water bills, leaks, water quality and other concerns.

Sewer Utilities
  • Lift Stations: Seven lift stations and pumps checked three times per week.
  • Sewer Lines: 19.5 miles of sewer line flushed or cleaned annually.  
  • Reports: Annual Minnesota Pollution Control Agency permit.
  • Training: Continuing education for Minnesota Pollution Control Agency wastewater operator license.

No Watering Ban

The City of Newport does not impose a watering ban, but please bear in mind that regular, increased water use can increase your water bill substantially.

Street Lights
Street lights in Newport are owned, operated, and maintained by Xcel Energy.  Residents of Newport are charged a street light fee on their utility bill to pay for the operation of street lights throughout the city.  If a street light has burned out, malfunctioned, or been damaged, please call Xcel Energy at (800) 960-6235.  General questions about street lights may be directed to the Public Works Department. 

Utility Billing
The City of Newport handles water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer utilities.  Please click here for more information.