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Lead Service Line Inventory Project

The City needs your help in identifying water service lines that may contain lead materials. It is a vital health concern that we identify any lead pipes within our water distribution system and remove them. There is funding available to assist communities with removing any lead materials discovered within our system, but we need to act quickly to take advantage of it. To be eligible for this funding, we need the assistance of every household and commercial establishment in identifying their water service lines.

The City must identify 100% of all service lines as required by the EPA. If you are not connected to the municipal water system, you do not need to complete the survey.

What do you need to do?
  1. Locate your water service line in the lower level of your home or crawl space.  
  2. Fill out the online survey or fill out a paper survey (additional paper forms are available at City Hall)
  3. If you can’t locate your service line or need assistance Identifying the pipe material, please do not hesitate to contact us at 651-459-5677. A City Public Works employee or member of our engineering consulting firm (MSA) will come to your residence at no charge and assist in identifying your service line

Please complete the online survey or return a completed form no later than June 7. The City will be coordinating door-to-door inspections later this summer if we do not receive your survey response.

Thank you for your assistance with this important project.

Informational Resources:
Environmental Protection Agency
Minnesota Department of Health - Lead Poisoning Prevention 
Minnesota Department of Health - Lead Service Line Inventory Information

Project Contacts:
Matt Yokiel - Superintendent of Public Works

Jon Herdegen - City Engineer

City Hall