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 In an effort to assist and promote businesses in Newport, the following resources are available:

Greater MSP Partnership
Offers site location assistance to companies planning new or expanded facilities in the Greater MSP region.

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
Offers tips on how to start, manage, and finance your business as well as how to incorporate environmental initiatives into your business.

Minnesota RETAP
Provides environmental facility assessments and community sustainability assistance to Minnesota's businesses, institutions, and communities at no cost.

Minnesota Technical Assistance Program
Helps businesses implement industry-tailored solutions that prevent pollution at the source, maximize efficient use of resources, and reduce energy use and costs.

Minnesota Waste Wise
Minnesota Waste Wise delivers strategic environmental consulting that helps businesses save money through waste reduction, resource conservation and energy efficiency. 

Open For Business Program

Are you starting your own business or currently operating a small business and interested in technical assistance? The Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers offers the Open to Business program. 

Licensed Commercial Garbage Haulers in Newport

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Republic Services Tennis Sanitation Waste Management